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Quito Rugby Club - The Nomads

About Us
About Us
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Guayaquil Rugby Club
Who we are, what we do, why we do it.......
We just love rugby!
About 8 years ago a couple of travellers stopped by Quito.......and liked it so much that they stayed.
What they didnt like was the lack of rugby, so they got together with some other guys who were playing off and on and so the Quito Nomads were formed.
In the early days our team membership was a hit or miss affair.....but you know what - we are proud to say that some of the founding members still play today. Thanks to those guys, Boz (now in Germany), Pato (now in Peru), Joaquin, Ramiro, Gabriel, Lorena and Caz the team has now grown to have over 40 members and is still increasing on a weekly basis!
We want to keep growing!
The great thing about rugby, as any player will tell you proudly, is how friendly teams are.
The only thing that matters is that you love rugby, we welcome everyone, those who have played for years or those who have never even seen a rugby ball before.....
Come along and see for yourself....and be part of the Quito Nomads!